Apr-02 [Central library] <Important> [For NU members] Some changes (Eligible user, Period) of the “Borrowing and Delivery" Service in Central Library

The Central Library changes some services in "Borrowing and Delivery" Service from June 16.

It is possible for the eligible users to enter Central Library as usual and borrow books directly.


Depending on the situation, possibly the contents of the service will be changed at any time in accordance with changes in the activity policy level established by Nagoya University. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


<Period> [No change]

 From Apr. 5, 2021 (Mon.) to the date to be determined.

 However, this period may change in accordance with changes in level of “Guidelines for Activities at Nagoya University During the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic".


<Eligible user> [No change]

 Students of Nagoya University who cannot visit the library due to measures against new coronavirus infection, and want the books/materials to be delivered to their homes.


<Eligible materials> [Updated]

 The following 3 types of materials are covered by this service:

     1. Materials available for lending owned by the Central Library (Audiovisual materials, large-sized books, and Nagoya University Library holds an e-book with the same content are excluded).

         * “in-library use only” materials such as journals and reference books are also excluded.

         * For "Resources in special formats", "5F Closed Stack" and "In Laboratory", in addition to “Borrowing and Delivery" application, you must also apply to the web form.

         * Please note that "In Laboratory" cannot be renewed. Please note that you may be refused to borrow it.
            This is a courtesy loan from the laboratory.Please be careful with them and be sure to return them by the due date.

     2. Copies of the "in-library use only materials (with the following exceptions)" possessed by the Central Library:

          ・ Materials that not allowed to be copied under the Art. 31 of the Copyright Act.

          ・ Laboratory materials and Rare books.

          ・ Materials that cannot be copied due to deterioration.

     3. Copies obtained from other universities.


<How to apply and receive> [No change]

 For the materials stored in Central Library, contact us by e-mail for applying lending or obtaining the copies.

 For the materials not owned by Nagoya University, please apply for copies via library website. The copies will be delivered to your home.

 Please refer to the following for the details of application. : 

  1. Application procedure for “Borrowing and Delivery” (PDF)
  2. Application procedure for copying of materials in the Central Library (PDF)
  3. ILL Application Procedure (PDF)


<Expenses> [No change]

 University will cover the postage to your home and copy fee for materials stored in Central Library.


<Other> [Updated]

 Due to the processing in order of application, it will take a reasonable amount of time for delivering.

    Click here for more information about returning books.

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