May-08 [Central Lib] <Important> [For visitors] Central Library services from May 8, 2023

We would like to give you a summary of the Central Library Services for visitors to deal with new Coronavirus Infections from May 8, 2023.

From May 8, 2023, the Central Library will provide the services for visitors as follows: 

Depending on the situation, there is a possibility that the contents of the services will be changed at any time in accordance with changes in the activity policy level established by Nagoya University.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Visitors who intend to use the materials in Nagoya University Central Library for learning or research.

  • Please refrain from entering the library if you have a fever or other symptoms.
  • To prevent infection, please practice disinfection when entering the building, frequent hand-washing, and awareness of physical distance.



 From May 8 (Mon)



  • Admission procedure
    User's card holders: as usual.
    Other users unregistered in Nagoya University: please fill in the "Central Library Access Application for visitors" at the Information Desk.

    * Please present your ID card.

  • Service Desk
    The library staff will be there. Please ring the chime if to call the staff.

  • Borrowing (User's card holders only)
    as usual.
    If the expiration date has passed, it will be available three business days after the renewal procedure.

  • Borrowing procedure (User's card holders only)
    Please use the automatic borrowing machines to complete the borrowing procedures (except items that not apply to the machines).

  • Returning (User's card holders only)
    Please return the items as usual by the due date.

    * If it is difficult to visit the library by the due date, please pack the book tightly and send it to the library with a delivery status record. You will be responsible for the returning fee.

    Address: B3-2(790), Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8601
    Circulation Section, Nagoya University Central Library

  • Copies
    as usual.

  • Reading Seats

  • Other
    We will call out to those who seem to be sick when patrolling.