Jun-24 [Central Library] Opening of the Library MakerSpace (from July 1)

Library MakerSpace, where ICT equipment such as 3D printers can be used, will be opened on the 2nd floor of the Central Library from July 1st (Wed 1 pm).

1. Opening date

 July 1, 2021 (Wed. 1 pm)

2. Opening hours

 Weekdays: 9:00-17:00

 However, during closed days of the Central Library (including temporary closing) and all closed days (Aug 13 (Fri.) -Aug 16 (Mon.) 2021) are closed.

3. Users

 Members of the universities established by the Tokai National Higher Education and Research System (undergraduate, graduate students, faculty, and staff)

4. Installation equipment

 ・ 3D printer (MakerBot, METHOD X)

 ・ 3D scanner (SHINING 3D, EinScan Pro, EinScan-SE)

 ・ Laser processing machine (Trotec, Speedy100)

 ・ Cutting plotter (Graphtec, CE7000-40)

 ・ Milling machine (Roland, monoFab SRM-20)

 ・ High-functioning machine (Brother, Innovis NX2700D)

  In addition, there are measuring instruments such as testers and oscilloscopes, tools such as soldering irons and impact drivers, and conference systems.

  It may not be available due to malfunction, maintenance, or absence of personnel, etc.

5. Available materials

 3D printer materials will be provided free of charge for the time being (however, a large number of materials will be charged).

 For materials of other equipment, must be applied in advance and allowed by the Library MakerSpace.

6. Reservation

 Reservation will be accepted at the Library MakerSpace for the time being.

 Materials, equipment, work contents, date and time of use, etc. to be used in applying procedure

7. Training for use (take all of the following courses)

 1) For the year provided on NUCT

  ・ General safety education (normal time)

  ・ General safety education (emergency response)

  ・ Experimental general safety education

  All of them have reached the passing score (those who have taken the course last year must also take this year)

 2) Pre-training "When using the Library MakerSpace"

  ・ Training on the use of Library MakerSpace by staff (about 10 minutes, only in Japanese)

 3) Explanation about the equipment

  ・ Explanation about the equipment by student staff (required time varies depending on the equipment, only in Japanese)

8. Compliance violations

 Please note that, if you violate the compliance items indicated in the training or instructions from the staff, you may be asked to suspend the work even during the manufacturing process.

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