May-28 [Trouble] An Error when Accessing Google Scholar via Remote access

Off-campus users may encounter the Error Notice when accessing Google Scholar via Remote access
from University Library homepage.
Some users have reported as follow: "ERROR for site owner : Invalid domain for site key"
This error can happen when over limit users are simultaneously accessing Google Scholar through
our Remote access.

To circumvent this problem, directly connect to Google Scholar (i.e., not via our Remote access),
and set up Google Scholar's "Library Links" to access Nagoya University Library resources.

1. Go to the Google Scholar:

2. From the menu icon (top left), select "Settings" (then) "Library Links."

3. In the Library Links page, search for "Nagoya university,"
and select "Nagoya University Library - NULink(Find Fulltext)"

4. You can now continue to search and should see the NULink(Find Fulltext) links next to articles
and books we have access to.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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