Apr-09 [Electronic Services] Access methods for electronic resources from inside and outside the campus will be changed

Starting April, 2024


Previously, to use electronic resources (electronic journals, databases, e-books) from off-campus, you had to connect via the "Off-Campus Electronic Resource Access Start Page." However, starting from April, 2024, it has become possible to connect directly from the individual pages for e-journals, databases, and e-books. Accessing from within the campus may also require authentication with an institutional account.

Please note that off-campus access to electronic resources is limited to those with licensing agreements; as such, campus-only electronic resources will remain accessible only from within the campus, as before.

※Note: Some resources may not be accessible from off-campus due to incomplete migration. Please use them from within the campus until the migration is complete. → (List of Relevant Resources)

[Access Points]

A. From the List

Before the Change:

  • Access from on-campus: Connect from the pages for e-journals, databases, e-books.
  • Access from off-campus: Connect through the Off-Campus Electronic Resource Access Start Page (institutional account authentication required).


After the Change (from April 2024):

  • Access from both on-campus and off-campus: Connect directly from the pages for e-journals, databases, e-books (institutional account authentication required).

*The URLs for each resource have changed. If you were connecting via bookmarks, please access from the above method.


B. From NULink NULink

Links to off-campus accessible electronic resources through NULink are set to be accessible after institutional account authentication. This setup allows for smooth access to off-campus electronic resources, including free-to-use services like CiNii, PubMed, Google Scholar, by displaying NULink.

To display NULink on these platforms, please access by using access point A above.

*Note:  NULink on Google Scholar is currently unavailable due to ongoing settings adjustments. --> May-02 [Trouble] NULink on Google Scholar


 C. From Institutional Login (Direct Access to Vendor Sites)

If you access electronic resource sites directly without going through the access point A above, and if there's an "Institutional Login" option on the site, you can log in by searching for "Nagoya University" or "nagoya university." Ensure to select Nagoya University with an "OpenAthens" indication (Nagoya University without OpenAthens cannot be used).

Correct selection will require institutional account authentication to log in.


Important Notes

  • Off-campus access is subject to each resource's licensing agreements for off-campus use; therefore, campus-only resources cannot be accessed from off-campus.
  • URLs for e-journals, databases, and e-books have changed due to system updates. If your browser's cache retains old URLs, you might not be able to access them properly, so please refresh your browser.
  • If you have bookmarked URLs directly to access resources, they might no longer work. Please connect via the library site's list.
  • In many electronic resources, once authenticated, re-authentication is not required until the browser is closed. For security reasons, please use this service on personal devices.

  *Logging in with an institutional account on devices used by the public is prohibited under the Nagoya University Information Security Guidelines.

  • Some resources may lose authentication once you navigate away from the site. If you encounter connection issues, please access again fromthe e-journals, databases, and e-books pages on the attached library site (do not navigate through other pages in the process).
  • For issues related to institutional account authentication, please contact the THERS account Help Center. Especially for students newly enrolled in April and faculty/staff with contract renewals, it is possible that your access might be disrupted after March 31. 

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