Feb-20 [Electronic Services] Access methods for electronic resources from inside and outside the campus will be change

Transition Period: Mar 18, 2024 - Mar 31, 2024, Change: Apr 1, 2024 (planned)


You are connecting through the “Remote Access : Off Campus Web Services Start Page”, when accessing electronic resources (e-journals, databases, e-books) from outside the campus.  However, starting from April 1, 2024, you will access these resources from a common entry point, regardless of where you connect from, via the respective pages for e-journals, databases, and e-books. In this case, authentication with an institutional account will be required even when connecting from inside the campus.


Additionally, due to updates to the connection system, the access entry point will change from mid-March. After the new system is implemented in April, the former "Remote Access : Off Campus Web Services Start Page" will be discontinued, and connections via the old URL will no longer be possible. Therefore, please be aware of this, if you have bookmarked this page.


Before the Change>


<Transition Period> (March 18th, 2024 - March 31st, 2024)

  • Access from inside the campus: Connect through the respective pages for e-journals, databases, and e-books (as usual).
  • Access from outside the campus: Connect through the new or old lists for off-campus electronic resource use.  (If you are unable to connect successfully with the new list, please reconnect with the old list).



<After the Change> (After April 2024 )

  • Access from both inside and outside the campus: Connect through the respective pages for e-journals, databases, and e-books (Institutional account authentication are required).
    *Note: The URLs to each resource will be updated. If you are connecting through bookmarks to each resource, it might not be able to connect anymore.



【Important note】

  • During the transition period (March 18th, 2024 – March 31st, 2024), the connection system for each resource will be switched over gradually. If you are accessing electronic resources from outside the campus, please first try the "new list," and if you cannot connect successfully, then attempt to reconnect using the "old list."
  • The URLs for each resource listed on the pages for e-journals, databases, and e-books will be changed due to system updates. If browser cache from the transition period remains, it might lead to unsuccessful access through old URLs, so please ensure to refresh or reload your browser.
  • If you have bookmarked the direct URLs to each resource, you may no longer be able to access them. Please connect through the list available on the website of library .
  • For many electronic resources, once authenticated, re-authentication is not required until the browser is closed. For security reasons, please use this service on personal devices.
  • Logging in with an institutional account on devices used by multiple individuals is prohibited under the Nagoya University Information Security Guidelines.
  • Some electronic resources may not maintain authentication once you navigate away from their site. If you are unable to connect successfully, please access them again through the e-journals, databases, and e-books pages on the library web site without navigating through other pages in the process.
  • Whether a resource is available from outside the campus depends on the off-campus usage license for each resource. Thus, after the system update, only those resources currently accessible from outside will remain accessible.
  • For issues related to institutional account authentication, please check with or contact the THERS account Help Center. Especially for students graduating or advancing, and faculty or staff leaving or renewing contracts, you may lose access after March 31.


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