Jun-27 [e-Book] Maruzen eBook Library (MeL) Specification Changes

The download procedure for the Maruzen eBook Library (MeL) will change on June 29, 2022.

  Specification change

    Email address authentication is required when executing the download.

    Nagoya University designates the following three e-mail address domains.

    Please enter an e-mail address that includes one of these domains.

     ・*.nagoya-u.ac.jp (Backward matching)


     ・*.thers.ac.jp (Backward matching)

        ※The letters in the asterisks vary from individual to individual.

   You can download the e-book by entering the verification code

    that was sent back to the email address you entered.

            For more information, please visit the Maruzen eBook Library.

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