May-10 [Exhibitions] Nagoya University and Gifu University Joint Exhibitions: Useful books for freshmen and beginners recommended by seniors and professors!


[About the Exhibit]

Nagoya University Library and Gifu University Library will hold a project to exhibit recommended books by faculty members and students.The books will be displayed on the 2nd floor of the Central Library from April 5 (Tue.), and will also be displayed at the libraries and reading rooms of Nagoya University and Gifu University, so please come take a look!

Thank you very much for those who have recommended books.

We are still accepting applications, so please continue to share the books you would like to recommend. --> ended


[Exhibition period]

Nagoya University

  • Central Library: Tuesday, April 5 - Thursday, June 23
  • International Development Library: Monday, May 2 - Thursday, June 30
  • Information and Language Library: Tuesday, April 5 - Thursday, June 23
  • Science Library: Monday, April 11 - Friday, May 20
  • Central Library of Engineering: Monday, April 11 - Mid May
  • Economics Library; Tuesday, April 26 - Thursday, June 30
  • Medical Library: Monday, May 9 - Thursday, June 30

 Gifu University

  • Central Library: Friday, April 1 - Thursday, June 30


[List of Exhibited Books]

A list of the submitted books that are held by the libraries of Nagoya University and Gifu University is available for viewing.
List of Exhibited Books (in Japanese)

[Call for Exhibited Books]

We are still accepting applications for books to be exhibited. -->ended

The application period ends on Monday, May 9.

We encourage you to submit books that you would like new students and beginners to read, as well as books that you have read and found useful.



  • The exhibition is limited to materials in our collection (including e-books).
  • In the event that there are too many entries, we may not be able to showcase all of them.
  • All the information you have entered, including comments, may be used for exhibits, etc.
  • If you wish to recommend or purchase a book that is not in the library's collection, please submit a request from the following link.
    Nagoya University: Application for Faculty Recommendation Books and Books for Students to Purchase at the Central Library


Nagoya University Library, Gifu University Library


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