Jan-24 【Please recommend!】Nagoya Univ. and Gifu Univ. Joint Exhibitions : Useful books for freshmen and beginners recommended by professors and seniors!


Nagoya University Library and Gifu University Library will hold a project to exhibit recommended books based on questionnaires’ results.

Please share the book you would like to recommend to freshmen and beginners, or was helpful for you.

We also plan to inform about recommended books on the web and provide e-book information.


[Submission period]

January 24th-May 9th

*The deadline for the April exhibition is March 3.


[Exhibition period]

April 5th – June 23rd (Nagoya University Central Library)

April 1st – June 30th (Gifu University Central Library)


[Application Form]




The books to be displayed will be only from our own collection (including e-books).

In the case we receive a large number of entries, we may not be able to introduce all off them.

The information you enter in the application may be used for the exhibition.

If our collection doesn’t have the book you would like to recommend and you would like to request a book purchase, please click the link below.

Request Applications for Central Library Faculty Recommended Book and Student’s Book Purchase



Nagoya University Library, Gifu University Library

Inquiry: kouhou@nul.nagoya-u.ac.jp

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