Aug-3 [e-book] Titles purchased in 2019 ②

We would like to inform you of the titles of the e-books we purchased during 2019.


   We would like to inform you about the titles of the major e-books purchased in 2019. (We are sorry that this time the news was announced.)

①platform:Gale eBooks

   Title list(世界の偉人伝記シリーズⅠ 歴史に残る人物シリーズ)

platformInfobase Publishing eBooks

   Title list(Infobase 多読リーダー Mid-level Readers1、Mid-level Readers3)

③platform:Real Reads Ebook Collection

 Title list(Classic Literature Collection)

④platformWiley Online Library

 Title list(Chemistry & Materials Scienceベストセラーパッケージ)

⑤platform:JapanKnowledge Lib

 Title:JK Books 人物叢書(フルセット)

⑥platform:Maruzen eBook Library

 Title list

⑦platform:Elsevier ScienceDirect

 Title list(レファレンスワークの利用)

⑧platform:Oxford Scholarship Online

 Title list(Evidence Based Acquisition モデル全分野)

 Subscription period: January to December 2020 (Contract might be renewed in some cases.)


 Title:Encyclopedia of Adolescence

⑩platform:Wiley Online Library

 Title:Handbook of Statistical Genomics: Two Volume Set, Fourth Edition

⑪platform:Maruzen eBook Library

 Title list

• Available on Nagoya University campus

Remote access(Only for Nagoya University Id and Password is required.)

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