Jul-31 [e-book] Titles purchased in 2019 ①

We would like to inform inform you of the titles of the e-books purchased during 2019.

 We would like to inform you about the titles of the major e-books purchased in 2019.

 We are sorry that this time the news was announced.


  ①platform:Wiley Online Library

   Title list(AGU Monograph Series Vol.228-245)

  ②platform:Routledge Handbooks Online

   Title list(Philosophy 2017package)

  ③platform:Cambridge Books Online

   Title list

  ④platform:American Mathmatical Society

   Title list

     Subscription period: January to December 2020(Contract might be renewed in some cases.)

  ⑤platform:Taylor & Francis eBooks

   Title :The Politics of Memory in Sinophone Cinemas and Image Culture : Altering Archives

  ⑥platform:Brill Online Books

   Title:Brill's Companion to the Reception of Aristole in Antiquity?

  ⑦platform:Cambridge Books Online

    Title:Modeling of atmospheric chemistry

  ⑧platform:Wiley Online Library

   Title:The Wiley Blackwell companion to syntax,2nd Edition

  ⑨platform:Taylor&Francis ebooks

   Title:The Routledge handbook of phonetics

  ⑩platform:Maruzen eBook Librar

       Title:Medical microbiology and infection at a glance


 • Available on Nagoya University campus

 •Remote access(Only for Nagoya University Id and Password is required.)

   Nagoya University Library  > Electronic books


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