Apr-01 [Central Lib] Viewing of CNNj is available from your device only on the Higashiyama Campus.

You can watch CNNj using NUWNET on the Higashiyama Campus from April 1.

Terms of Use
Only on the Higashiyama Campus.
Remote access is not available.

How to watch CNNj
①Connect to NUWNET.(NUWNET: https://icts.nagoya-u.ac.jp/en/services/nuwnet/
 *Watching when connected to nuwnet-guest is not available.
②Access the webpage https://jctvwifi.com/
③Enter the password displayed at the bottom of the login screen into the PASSWORD field in the center of the screen.
④Audio (English/simultaneous interpretation in Japanese) can be switched by clicking the AUDIO button at the bottom of the screen.
 *Simultaneous Japanese interpretation service is not available from midnight to 7:00 a.m.

Precautions for Use
Video and audio recordings are prohibited.
You will be alerted to continue watching or not every 10 minutes.
Please note that you will be logged out automatically unless you click the Continue button.
Audio and video may be interrupted due to the line conditions.

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