Dec-20 [Central Lib] Dear Non-NU Members, access to and use of Nagoya University Central Library is restricted during the exam period.

Exam period: January 14th - February 6th

◇◇◇To non-NU Members◇◇◇

Central library is very crowded with NU students during the term exam period.
Please refrain from using central library during the following period.

Period: January 14th - February 6th

However, you may enter the Library, under the following conditions.

  • You may use the Library limited to where there is urgent need for materials to be read.
  • You must search the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) system for the materials you wish to read and confirm their availability in advance.
  • With regard to the use of reading desks, NU members will take precedence over non-NU members



Thank you for your cooperation.

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