Aug-03 [News] The request e-books for students under the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 (For teachers)

We accept the recommendation of e-books for learning to support learning at home.

  Because of the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, students have to take classes online and   have to learn at home. For that reason, Center Library carries out e-book purchases to make students’ learning more effectively. Please request e-books which are thought to be necessary for students. 

●Eligible Applicants:

   Faculty members in Nagoya University

●E-books You Can Request:

  • E-books which you are planning to use in Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) courses of AY 2020.

  • E-books which are thought to be useful when undergraduate students learn at home.

      ※We plan to purchase the institutionally contracted e-book which ricommended in syllabus
         the title list of Materials be purchased is here

   ・Faculty members in Nagoya University

●Application Period:

 By 21th August, 2020


  • Number of books: Total 5 books per person

  • We may not be able to purchase e-books :
  • Extra costs will be charged next year (ex: contract maintenance fee, platform usage fee)

  • Due to the limitation on budget

  • Only the e-books institutionally contracted
 Please open the form from the following URL and apply.
 Contact for this matter:
    Nagoya University Central Library Acquisition & Cataloging Section

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