Jul-31 rev. [GSID Lib] Limited Open

9:30-17:00, NU members only, as for Due date

The GSID Library is open for shorter opening hours only for NU-members in line with the Guidelines for Activities at Nagoya University During the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.

However, there will be restricted entrance to the GSID Building for the renovation of the study rooms, etc.
Therefore, if you can't enter the Building, Phone 052-789-5064 (the library) at the South Entrance of GSID Building on your arrival. (No Appointment required)
So we may keep you waiting due to our limitation in the number of library users.

In addition, if the admission restriction level is "GSID faculty only", the due date for returning books (excluding reserved/in-laboratory books) will be changed to the end of the following month or later. Please check the latest due date or renew it on NU-OPAC.

We'll make every effort to prevent the spread of the infection, and would like to ask you to Wear a Mask in our building and refrain from visiting the library if you are not feeling well.

Thank you for your cooperation.

GSID Library

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