May-14 [Engineering Library] Civil Engineering Library is closed due to renovation of Bldg. 8 and 9

Civil Engineering Library will be closed from June 3, 2024 to October 2026 (scheduled).

  Civil Engineering Library closed: June 3, 2024 - October 2026 (scheduled).

   *The opening date may change depending on the progress of construction.

Due to the renovation of Bldg. 8 and 9, the Civil Engineering will be closed as above.

・During the closure, materials from the Civil Engineering will not be available.
・Please return books borrowed from the Civil Engineering Library to the Central Engineering Library (ES General Building, 1st floor).
・Newly arrived books and journals on civil engineering are available at the Central Engineering Library.
・The Central Engineering Library is available for ordering photocopies of books from other universities and borrowing books from other universities.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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