Nov-17 [Engineering Library] Engineering Library Services(11/17-)

Information about the Engineering Library's services after Nov. 17(TUE.) has been posted on the Engineering Library's Web site.

From Nov. 17(TUE.), the Central Engineering Library and each department's library (Chemical and Biological Library, Electrical and Information Library, Mechanical and Aerospace Library, Civil Engineering Library) will be opened to Nagoya University Members.
Please refer to the URL above for more information about each service.

Also, we would like to ask for your cooperation in opening the library.
Please read the following "Please cooperate against infectious diseases" before visiting the library.

"Please cooperate against infectious diseases"
1. Please refrain from coming to the library if you have symptoms such as a fever or cold.
2. Please wear a mask, disinfect your fingers and wash your hands when entering the library.
3. Some of the reading areas are not available.
4. Please keep your distance.
5. Please avoid being on library any longer than is strictly necessary.
6. We take the following measures against infectious diseases: wearing masks, disinfecting equipment, ventilation, installing plastic curtains at the library counter to prevent droplet infection.
7. Returned materials will be kept for a certain period of time until the next loan. As a result, even books in stock may not be available immediately.

Please note that the service is subject to change as needed.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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