Jun.-04 [Economics Library] Economics Library provides deliverly service (Feb-19 Revised)

In response to the change in the level of the "Entrance restrictions for students" of the "Guidelines for Activities at Nagoya University During the Novel Coronavirus (COVID -19) ,we will provide students who desperately need to borrow books.


For the time being

<Eligible user> (Feb-19 Revised)

Undergraduate and graduate students who are unable to visit the library due to measures against the Novel Coronavirus infections and who desperately need to be delivered the materials to their homes. 


The following 3 types of materials are covered by this service:

  1. Materials available for lending owned by Economics Library (journals, Laboratory-materials, audiovisual materials, and large-sized books are excluded)
  2. Copies of the "in-library use only materials (with the following exceptions)"
  • Materials that not allowed to be copied under the Art. 31 of the Copyright Act
  • Laboratory materials and Rare books
  • Materials that cannot be copied due to deterioration

    3. Copies obtained from other universities.(This means ILL supported by web as usual. If you need this material delivered to your residence , let us know your address.)

          (borrowing a book from other universities is excluded.)


University will cover all the postage noted above (1~3).

The copy fee of (2) is also covered by University.

As to (3),the postage to your residence does not cost, but ILL fee costs.

As to (1), please pay for the return postage.(When you return the book by recorded mail, please wrap it in plastic and cushioning materials neatly to keep it from getting damaged. )

 You can also drop it in the book post standing in front of the library.

<How to apply and receive>

Mail to [ eco [at] nul.nagoya-u.ac.jp] if there is consultation or request.

Following information  must be included.

  • name
  • ID number
  • belonging department
  • postal code
  • address
  • telephone number
  • information of a book : a) book title b) issue number    c) book ID  d)special report    [*Each book needs each information.]
  • material information (copy): a) book title b) issue number  c) year  d) page  e)title of the issue ,and so on  .[ A applier will bear the responsibility about the copyright.]

Please feel free to contact us.


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