Mar-22[Bioagricultural Lib] The change of library service (from Mar. 22)

Change of offering service from March 22

Bioagricultural library will temporarily suspend services for visitors from January 12.

Bioagricultural library will reopen to visitors from March 22.

Depending on the situation, there is a possibility that the contents of the services will be changed at any time. Please check the website as required.


From March 22 (Tue.) to the date to be determined.

[Opening hours]

9:00-20:00 on weekdays


Please cooperate with us to collect your entrance record using your student/staff ID card.

If you do not have your ID, please come to the counter.

 *Please refrain from entering if you have any subjective symptoms such as fever.

 *Please wear a mask, wash your hands and use alcohol disinfectant as much as possible.

 [InterLibrary Loan (ILL)]

You can apply via the web.

 Please note that it may take longer than usual for the materials to arrive.

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