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Apr-21 To people who belong to universities in disaster-affected prefectures
Nagoya University libraries welcome the following users
Sep-30 [STEL lib][HyARC lib] Announcement of library name change
STEL, HyARC and CCR will merge on Oct. 1, 2015.
Jul-30 [ Pharm Lib.] Library closed and materials are not available.
from August 4th (Tue) to September 30th (Wed) 2015
Jan-19[Lib Health Sci]Closed for Entrance Examinations
Closed:Feb.6(Sat),Feb.8(Mon),Feb.25(Thu),Feb.26(Fri) ; Shorted:Feb.5(Fri),Feb.24(Wed)
Jul-01 [Lib Health Sci] Available to lend : Journals (in 2014)
Jul-12 [Law Lib] Notice of periodical binding
Some periodicals will be not available: from Aug. 7th to Sep. 29th
Jan-24 〔Library of informatics and Languages〕 Available:Journals Binding
Apr-12 [Trouble] CiNii (Partial restoration: August 28)
Some articles can not be downloaded from CiNii.
Jul-3 [Science Lib] Loan period will be extended during summer vacation
Check Out Date: July 25 (Tue.) - Sep. 26 (Tue.); Due Date: Oct. 10 (Tue.)
Jul-6 [Medical Lib] Small Exhibit 16th
The World of Chinese Medicine July 3 (Mon) to December 27 (Wed)
Jul-18 [Economics Lib] Long-term borrowing on summer vacation
Extended loan books during summer vacation in Economics Library
Jul-24 [Economics Lib] Opening hour in August/September
July-19 〔Library of informatics and Languages〕Available: Journals Binding
Jul-21 [Bioagricultural Lib] Loan Period Extended during the Summer Vacation
Aug-18 [Science Lib] Not available : Journals on "1st Binding List"
The journals on "1st Binding List" are not available from Aug. 18 (Fri) to early October.
File 06/12〔数理科学図書室〕サービス停止・閉室
File 06/12〔数理科学図書室〕サービス停止・閉室2
File 08/21〔数理科学図書室〕利用可能資料
File 11/11〔数理科学図書室〕利用可能資料
File 11/11〔数理科学図書室〕2009年8月以降受入図書
File 理学図書室製本中(2011.01.19)
Oct-3 〔Library of informatics and Languages〕 Available:Journals Binding
October-06 [ Guidance ] Guidance for "EndNote" and "EBSCOhost"
Medical Library and Library of Health Sciences hold guidance of "EndNote" and "EBSCOhost"
Nov-09 [Lib Health Sci] About the use restrictions of Library of Health Sciences
Nov. 17 (Tue.) - Dec. 8 (Tue.) : Schedules has been changed (13 Nov, 2015)
Jul-27 [Radioisotope Research Center] Library closed for renovation works
From August 1, 2015 to March 31, 2017
Jul-06 [Lib Health Sci] The opening schedule on summer vacation
Library of Health Sciences opening schedule on summer vacation (Aug. 8 - Sep. 30) is the below.
Jul-06 [Lib Health Sci] Loan period will be extended during summer vacation
Loan period will be extended during summer vacation
Dec-03 [Lib Health Sci] Library Schedule during winter vacation
Closed: Dec.26(Sat) - Jan.4(Mon), Shorted: Jan.5(Tue) - Jan.7(Thu)
Aug-29 [Economics Lib] Japanese journals are now in bound
not available until mid-October
Sep-11  [Engneering Library] Journals bookbinding
From September to October

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